SNSPSistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica (Mexico: National System on Public Security)
SNSPSwedish National Socialist Party (est. 1930; Sweden)
SNSPSyndicat National des Sculpteurs et Plasticiens (French: National Union of Sculptors and Carvers)
SNSPSyndicat National des Spécialistes de Santé Publique (French: National Union of Public Health Specialists)
SNSPSocieta' Napoletana di Storia Patria (Naples, Italy)
SNSPSyndicat National de Shiatsu Professionnel (French: National Union of Professional Shiatsu; est. 1995)
SNSPSchool of Nutrition Science and Policy (Tufts University; Boston, MA)
SNSPStrategic National Stockpile Program
SNSPSaudi Naval Support Program
SNSPSpontaneous Nasal Septal Perforation
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The SNSP, a unit of the interior ministry (Secretaria de Gobernacion, SG), reported sharp increases during the three-and-a-half-year period in a handful of states that had previously experienced relatively low levels of violence: Colima, Baja California Sur, Tabasco, Hidalgo, Yucatan, Guanajuato, and Queretaro.
The main contributors to this fluctuation were the INSP, insoluble arabinose, xylose and mannose, as all of these parameters were decreased by 51.56%, 50.15%, 46.25%, and 84.91% within the storage time, while the SNSP (soluble arabinose, xylose, and mannose) were relatively stable.
head of the SNSP at that time reported that only six states had complied
Pour debattre de toutes ces questions, l'animateur de l'emission Mouatin Al Youm a invite Mr Said Fekak directeur du cabinet du ministre de la sante, Mr Ali Lotfi de l'Organisation democratique du travail , Dr Mustapha Chennaoui, du Syndicat national de la sante publique (SNSP) a la CDT, Dr Abdelkader Tarfay Federation nationale du secteur de la sante, affiliee a l'Union nationale du travail au Maroc (UNTM) et un representant de la jeune generation des infirmiers sans appartenance syndicale ou politique.
The Calderon administration has taken unprecedented steps to reduce corruption in law enforcement, and has designated the National System for Public Security (SNSP) as the agency responsible for overseeing new laws requiring stronger vetting processes for law enforcement officials, including the increased use of polygraph and background checks.
There are several secular parties in Syria, including the Communists and the Syrian Nationalist Social Party (SNSP).