SNTASociété Nationale des Tabacs et Allumettes (French: National Company of Tobacco and Matches; Algeria)
SNTASyndicated Network Television Association
SNTAStudent National Technical Association
SNTASuspected Narcotics Trafficking Aircraft
SNTASaskatchewan Nursery Trade Association
SNTASyndicat National des Travailleurs de l'Alimentation (French: National Union of Food Workers)
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In the short period of time that the SNTA has been using web technologies, it has turned into a clear example to imitate in the test of the public and private European and Spanish firms.
Going deeper in the main reasons why the SNTA has decided to use web technologies considering the customers needs, we can stress,
The use of web technologies allows a higher feedback between the SNTA and the Spanish contributors.
Stages in the implementation of information and communication technologies in the SNTA
The compromise in the implementation of a newer information technology allows the reconsideration of the processes developed today in the SNTA.
At the SNTA meeting this week, he continues, OMD and Mediavest will each dispatch close to 100 buyers, planners, researchers and support people, many of them young and many getting their first taste of what a high-powered syndication pitch looks like.
SNTA has added a nonmember to the list of presenters, MGM/NBC Media Sales, hoping the combo gets so much value from the experience it will decide to join and pony up the annual dues of $300,000.
Syndication, an independent syndicator, says that when he inquired about making a presentation in January, SNTA told him he'd not only have to become a $150,000-a-year member but cough up an additional $150,000 as part of the overall SNTA expenses for a two-day rental of suites and conference rooms at the Sheraton.
A spokesman for SNTA says becoming a member is not a requirement for participation in the meeting and that total expenses will clock in at $1.
Together with the SNTA session, "the syndicators are launching a preemptive strike on broadcast and cable TV," whose formal up-fronts won't kick off until late spring and early summer, says Dick Perin, head of MG/Perin, an independent syndicator based in New York.
Madison Avenue is pushing the SNTA, starting in 2003, to rent some suites in a New York City hotel for a couple of days in early April, giving distributors a place to show their fall series to the advertisers who'll pony up for the national 30-second spots.
It could be done with NATPE's involvement, another org or hosted entirely by SNTA, Hirsch said.