SNTGStolt-Nielsen Transportation Group
SNTGSea Nymph Test Group
SNTGSuperconductivity and Nanotechnology Group (Turkey and US)
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For the full year, SNTG reported income from operations before restructuring charges of $133.
SNTG is now starting to see the benefit of its long time strategy to integrate tankers with terminals.
SNTG has been granted conditional amnesty from prosecution and fines for violation of U.
During the course of an internal investigation undertaken by SNTG, the Company became aware of possible collusive behavior and notified the appropriate authorities.
The company said that it had informed OFAC that SNTG had adopted a policy that bars parcel tanker trade with all OFAC restricted countries, regardless of whether such trade would otherwise be permissible under applicable regulations.
In early 2001, SNTG embarked upon a major strategic initiative to improve the utilization of our assets, divest non-core assets, and reduce our cost base.
The SNTG emergency response team is in place and continues to assist the authorities.
Jacob Stolt-Nielsen is the founder of SNTG and has been its Chairman since the start in 1959.
This new appointment will enable Sam Cooperman to use his long experience in the chemical tanker business to give strategic direction to SNTG as well as to SNSA's transportation related e-Commerce companies OLL and SSL.
While we anticipate that SNTG will continue to post improved