SNTIStowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Technologii Informacyjnej (Polish: Teachers' Association of Information Technology)
SNTIShanti National Training Institute (San Francisco, CA)
SNTISystème Numérisé de Transmissions Intérieures (French: Digitized System of Internal Communications; French submarines)
SNTIStable Network Technologies, Inc. (Canada)
SNTISevere Non-Thyroidal Illness
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Based on the results, SnTi solder with 3 wt.% Ti was proposed.
The TKC-651 successfully developed by Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo adds an appropriate amount of tin (Sn) to Ag-Cu-Ti alloy active brazing filler metal to provide the conditions for the formation of CuTi compound being finely deposited as SnTi compound, enabling provision as leaf with a sheet thickness of 50 micrometers and wire with a diameter of 200 micrometers.
On the center stage was the SNTI internal communication system originally designed for the Tripartite minehunter.