SNUNSignificant New Use Notice (EPA)
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* The PMN and SNUN review processes now result in an exceptional number of Notice submitters being asked to "voluntarily" suspend the review process to respond to EPA information and data requests, often times seeking information heretofore not necessary for the Agency to conduct its assessment under Section 5 of TSCA.
The SNUNs would provide EPA with a basic set of information on nanoscale materials, such as chemical identification, material characterization, physical/chemical properties, commercial uses, production volume, exposure and fate data, and toxicity data.
Given the new safety standard, EPA must evaluate pending pre-manufacture notices (PMNs) and significant new use notices (SNUNs) according to the new risk-based standard.
Although the United Arab Emirates' International Golden Group (IGG) did not confirm this, the Snuns should have been the core of the Agreb Mk1 system, a mobile mortar system based on BAE Systems RG31 chassis.