SNWASouthern Nevada Water Authority
SNWAStichting Nieuwe Werkvormen Amsterdam (Dutch: Foundation for New Teaching Methods Amsterdam; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
SNWASuffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association (UK)
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In exchange, the property owner grants the SNWA a limited easement in the property to ensure that the landscaping is maintained in conformity with the program.
When the SNWA rep said he assumed the Bakers were just holding out for a higher price, Baker pondered his decision once again.
"Does it make any more sense to have a swimming pool in the desert than it does to grow rice in the desert," asks Scott Huntley, an official at the SNWA, "or to grow watermelons in the desert, as is done?
Rather than wholeheartedly promoting a changed culture of water use, the SNWA is promoting a multibillion dollar pipeline system whose cost is unknown and whose threat to water resources and the environment in the rural source areas is incalculable.
SNWA will provide water quality testing to monitor the progress of the wetlands after they are constructed.
SNWA and southern Nevada citizens became concerned about reports of endocrine disruption in carp from certain areas in the lake.
HOLD A CONTEST Each year, the SNWA recognizes homes with the best water-smart, desert-friendly landscapes.
* SNWA Drought Guides, Fall 2003 and Winter 2004 Public Information Division Southern Nevada Water Authority Las Vegas, Nevada, USA