SNWTSouth-North-Water-Transfer (China)
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The Central Route of the SNWT Project (Figure 2), which runs across Hubei, Henan, and Hebei provinces from the south to the north of China, was constructed in 2014.
Jing-Jin-Ji region and Henan province experience a decreasing trend at the rate of -0.70 and -0.21 cm [yr.sup.-1] EWH; it is therefore expected that the implementation of the Central Route of the SNWT Project will reduce groundwater storage overuse after displacing water use with surface water.
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Administrative establishments named in the sealings include a storehouse (wd3), a cattle stall (mdt), a granary (snwt), and various storehouses (htm), to name a few.
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Incidentally, 14 Epiphi is identified as snwt "lunar Day 6." The closest conjunction fell in the evening of 6 July 54 B.C.E.