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Statistical analysis was done with chisquare test to compare the effect of previous dentures on the morphologies of PNZ and SNZ.
SNZ has produced institutional sector accounts for the 1999-2009 period.
The resources of SNZ are considerable and SNZ staff have access to unpublished data that are inaccessible or difficult to access for 'outsiders'.
SNZ (2001a) Demographic Trends 2001, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington.
Second, it will look at the changing social construction of relationships within households as evidenced by SNZ through their collection of statistics between 1971 and 2001.
In addition to the core administrative data, a number of additional data sources have been linked to the LBD, including several surveys administered by SNZ and details of firms' participation in government assistance programmes.
8) Sampling weights are calculated by SNZ to increase the representativeness of the HLFS, and are used in all analyses in this paper unless noted.
New Zealand Department of Statistics and Ministry of Women's Affairs, Women in New Zealand (Wellington: NZDOS/MWA, 1990); Statistics New Zealand, All About Women in New Zealand (Wellington: SNZ, 1993).
Owing to different statistical conventions, there are small discrepancies between the SNZ data and IMF data used to construct figures 2 and 3 in section 2.
Access to the data used in this study was provided by SNZ in a secure environment designed to give effect to the confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act 1975, with the results also having to meet SNZ reporting rules.
16) In future this should be less of a problem as SNZ is currently developing a comprehensive long-term Survey of Housing Need to fill this considerable knowledge deficit.