SO1Strategic Objective 1 (various organizations)
SO1Sons of One (band)
SO1Sonarman First Class (former Naval Rating)
SO1Special Warfare Operator (First Class)
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The appreciation of securities in corporate-sponsored defined benefit pension plans can result in increased earnings under financial accounting but not in SO1 or NIPA measures.
SOI's Table 15--Corporation Profits Before Taxes per National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) and per SOI, and Income Subject to Tax per SO1, Income Years 1960-2002, has been updated for this edition using the revised NIPA data.
TABLE 1 DATABASE STRUCTURE Code Category Number of series included SO1 Industrial production 27 SO2 Construction 6 SO3 Trade 6 SO4 Tourism 15 SO5 Transport 8 SO6 Exports 23 SO7 Imports 23 SO8 Balance of payments 10 SO9 Employment 10 SO10 Wages 21 SO11 Unemployment 5 SO12 Labor costs and productivity 16 SO13 Money aggregates 5 SO14 Bank claims 36 SO15 Bank liabilities 45 SO16 Interest rates (active) 10 SO17 Interest rates (passive) 12 SO18 Exchange rates 15 SO19 International liquidity 3 SO20 Government expenditures 10 SO21 Prices 16 SO22 Consumption 4 SO23 Foreign activity indicators 22 SO24 Indicators of German 17 economic activity Total: 365 TABLE 2 EXAMPLE OF A SCORING TABLE FOR A TIME SERIES --[Y.
Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking proposals (SF 171 or OF-612) from consultants to: (1) assist the Government of Honduras (GOH) and USAID/Honduras to identify and implement sound trade and business investment policies and programs under the new "Competitive Market-led Growth Improved in Target Areas" Strategic Objective (SO1); (2) Manage orderly close-out of the Productivity and Policy Enhancement Program (PROPEP); and (3) provide leadership in the initiation, coordination, management and monitoring of new trade and business investment activities required to achieve SO1 objectives and the Mission's overall goal -"Support Honduran Efforts to Promote Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction", in collaboration with the Mission's other Strategic Objectives teams.
A police operation, including officers from Scotland Yard's SO1 organised crime group, thwarted the kidnappers.
The Yard's SO1 squad put the address under 24-hour watch while other officers guarded Posh and Brooklyn.
The Metropolitan Police last night said officers from their elite SO1 serious crime squad had led the operation.
Earlier this year it was revealed that officers from Scotland Yard's elite SO1 had foiled a kidnap plot to snatch Posh and and their baby.
Police placed an undercover officer with the couple's security detail and SO1 put the house the couple were to be taken to under surveillance.
Some notes on fish remains from the late 16th century merchant vessel Scheurrak SO1, in Van Neer (ed.
SO1 provides open digital continuity from engineering to real shop floor operations.
Commander Andy Rayner Royal Navy, SO1 Network Services, Joint Forces Command Cap C4ISR, UK MOD