SO1Staff Officer 1 (various locations)
SO1Strategic Objective 1 (various organizations)
SO1Sons of One (band)
SO1Sonarman First Class (former Naval Rating)
SO1Special Warfare Operator (First Class)
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Police placed an undercover officer with the couple's security detail and SO1 put the house the couple were to be taken to under surveillance.
Mr Shayler said that his interview with officers from the Metropolitan Police's SO1 branch took place on the 'neutral ground' of a hotel in the West End of London.
After expiry of the SO4 contracts, Coso expects to continue selling its output to SCE under SO1 contracts.
Police, including officers from Scotland Yard's SO1 organised crime group, were said to have been so worried by the report that they moved the celebrity family to a safe house for 48 hours.
The diamond drill has now moved to the WSO-1 area (West Shoot Out, Alpha Zone, SO1 Grid Anglaumaque Explorations Inc.