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The new Soai Rap channel makes SPCT the deepest Ho ChEaA[degrees] Minh City port.
The new Soai Rap channel makes SPCT the deepest Ho Chi Minh City port, and brings considerable benefits to customers, including halving steaming time to two hours, saving on pilotage and bunker fuel.
Bolgesel inflamasyonu bas-kilamaya yonelik SOAI ilaclar, lokal soguk uygulama ve diger fizik tedavi ajanlari ve oral/enjektabl kortikosteroid kullanilabilir.
Kenso Soai of the Tokyo University of Science and his collaborators first demonstrated experimentally in the mid-1990s that some molecules can catalyze the synthesis of copies of themselves.
Munetaka Soai, a 34-year-old social science teacher at Tamagawa Gakuen high school also cooperated with the JCC by holding a mock poll in his classroom.
The idea of a Congress was quickly embraced by many of the nationalists who had been counted among Bao Dai's most prominent supporters; besides Horn of the Dai Viet, these included the Cao Dai leader Pham Cong Tac, General Tran Van Soai of the Hoa Hao sect, General Le Van Vien of the Saigon-based Binh Xuyen syndicate and several key Catholic figures.
(8.) Lie-Injo LE, Soai A, Herrera AR, Nicolaisen L, Wai Kan Y, Pui Wan W, Hasan K.
"Garrulity and Reticence: The Contrastive Structure of Sanctuary." Soai Daigaku Kenkyu Kiyo, 13 (October 1996), 77-93.
Calculo del Indice de riesgo agregado (IRA) con el Modelo IVC-SOA Componente Variables de riesgos B i Variables transversales (Vti) 3,04 0,45 Variables propias (Vpi) 4,27 0,25 Riesgo SOAi 4,22 0,30 IRAia 3,70 1,00 (a) Calculado segun la formula: [beta]1.VTi + [beta]2.VPi + [beta]3 Riesgo SOAi [beta]i, ponderados de las variables transversales, variables propias y riesgo SOA respectivamente; i, establecimiento.
Hastanemize basvurusundan once surekli antiinflamatuvar etki gosterecek ozellikte SOAI recete edilmemesi ve noropsikiyatrik semptomlarin kontrol altina alinamamasi sonucu semptomlarin uzun sureli olmasina sebep olmus olabilir.
The DP World-operated container terminal, which is located along the western shore of the Soai Rap River on 23 hectares in the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, is a state of the art facility which began operations in October 2009; just two years after construction began in September 2007, the company said in a statement.