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SOAKSecond of a Kind
SOAKSource of All Knowledge
SOAKSpecial Olympics Alaska
SOAKStratford-on-Avon Kayaks (UK)
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'That's the last, she said to the three soaks, 'till the Martha floats and you're back in Guvutu.
"She looked at me and said--not to me, mind you, but to the soaks:
"I ain't much of a scholar, Saxon, but I know simple arithmetic; I've soaked my watch when I was hard up, and I can calculate interest.
For an hour she "soaked" her head; that is, she stood over a panful of warm water and kept dipping her head in with tightly shut eyes.
During the remainder of the act the lucky performers were those whose parts required changes of dress; the others were a soaked, bedraggled, and uncomfortable lot, but in the last degree picturesque.
At the dressing stations the grass and earth were soaked with blood for a space of some three acres around.
Then, too, a still more dreadful thing happened to him; he worked in a place where his feet were soaked in chemicals, and it was not long before they had eaten through his new boots.
The men would tie up their feet in newspapers and old sacks, and these would be soaked in blood and frozen, and then soaked again, and so on, until by nighttime a man would be walking on great lumps the size of the feet of an elephant.
They raised him up, but there was no life, and his hair was soaked with blood.
Having finished all his business, soaked through with the streams of water which kept running down the leather behind his neck and his gaiters, but in the keenest and most confident temper, Levin returned homewards in the evening.
Along with massage and aromatherapy, bathtub soaks help you fight mental wear and tear.
The investigation showed that after 4 coats had been applied, the soak back into the primary coat was minimal.