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SOAMSplit Open and Melt (Phish song)
SOAMSafety Occurrence Analysis Methodology (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)
SOAMScent of A Mule (Phish song)
SOAMSchweizerische Ostasien-Mission (German: Swiss East-Asia Mission)
SOAMSOA-Based Systems Maintenance and Evolution (International Workshop)
SOAMShadow of A Martyr (band)
SOAMSCF Online Account Management
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The PBS/organoclay nanocomposite foams synthesized by the SOAM method with an organoclay content of 2 wt% were prepared using a CBA.
In this study, PBS/clay nanocomposites containing 1, 2, 5, and 10 wt% of organociay were prepared by the solution blending, melt mixing, and SOAM methods.
Both storage and loss moduli increased with the clay loading for both the solution blending and the SOAM methods throughout the frequency range applied.
Also, the time independency of G(t) curve is more salient for nanocomposites formed by the SOAM method.
Furthermore, the nanocomposites prepared by the SOAM method exhibited higher value of [lambda]H([lambda]), implying that the SOAM nanocomposites were more solid-like than the solution nanocomposites were.
Figure 6 shows TGA curves of the ABS/C30B nanocomposites, prepared by the solution blending and the SOAM methods.
7, of ABS, the solution-blended ABS/C30B nanocomposite, and the SOAM ABS/C30B nanocomposite was 2351.
The mechanical properties including tensile strength, tensile modulus, and elongation at break of the nanocomposites prepared by the SOAM method are shown in Fig.
Tensile modulus of the SOAM prepared nanocomposite increased with an increase in the clay content.