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SOARASouth Orange Amateur Radio Association
SOARASpecial Operations Aviation Regiment, Airborne (US DoD)
SOARASituation, Objective, Action, Results, Aftermath (job interview technique)
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After entry into Pakistan, the drain receives effluents from various industries while flowing towards the Soara Village.
Collection and preparation of different samples Water samples were collected from Nurpur and Soara Villages and acidified to pH less than 2 with concentrated HNO3.
Metals concentrations in water fodder, milk and different tissues of livestock at Nurpur and Soara Villages are presented in Table I.
(USEPA, 2012) while Ni concentration in water from Nurpur was 70 times and at Soara 75 times greater than it's standard value of 0.020 (WHO, 1993).
Table I.- Construction of metals (mg/kg) in water, fodder, milk, meat, meat, kidney and liver of the livestock from Nurpur and Soara villages.
Table II.- Daily metal intake (mg/kg/day) by consumption of milk and meat of livestock from Nurpur and Soara villages.
Highest concentration of copper was recorded in kidney and liver of livestock at both Nurpur and Soara Villages.
The highest amount of cadmium was found in the liver of livestock which was 3.4 and 4.2 times higher than its standard value of 0.5mg/kg (FAO/WHO, 2000) at Nurpur and Soara Villages, respectively.
Chromium was only detected in kidney and liver of livestock at Soara Village but it's value was 2.8 times greater in liver of livestock than it's permissible limit of 6.3 mg/kg (NUTTAB, 2010).
The daily intake of Cu and Ni from milk and meat at both Nurpur and Soara villages was within their permissible limits of 1.3mg/kg/day and 0.6mg/kg/day respectively (WHO, 1996).
Hall (2004) ressalta que se a marca-pais nao refletir os valores nacionais e que se os produtos exportados nao estiverem alinhados com a identidade da marca-pais, todo o esforco de comunicacao sera em vao e soara falso.