SOBMSynthetic Oil Based Mud
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Results of electrophoresis measurements for SOBM clay samples A, B, C, and D are presented in Figure 7.
This confirms the SOBM samples to be agglomerated, porous powder which may be as a result of poorly separated particles during solvothermal treatment.
FT-IR Spectra of 3-APTES Coupled SOBM Core-Shell Clay Filler.
Reason adduced for this is that there may have been an increase in hydration level as a result of structural OH group, which leads to increase in silane coupling on the nanoporous SOBM core clay platelets.
A comparative investigation of tensile strength of epoxy composite samples as plotted in Figure 9 indicates relatively stiff composite materials, wherein considerable resistance to deformation can be observed in all 3-APTES coupled SOBM core-clay filled epoxy composites.
Table 3 is a tabulation of strain, maximum displacement, ultimate strength, and E-modulus of 3-APTES coupled SOBM core-shell clay filled epoxy composites obtained from Figure 9.
0.8 wt% or 1g of 3-APTES coupled SOBM core-shell clay filler had shown the lowest stiffness with E-modulus of 896.1 MPa.
The effects of filler content of 3-APTES coupled SOBM core-shell clay fillers on the mechanical properties of epoxy composites are revealed in Figure 10.
Figure 10 shows that all mechanical properties of the epoxy composite decreased with 0.8 wt% 3-APTES coupled SOBM core-shell clay filler, but increased tremendously when filler content was doubled to 1.6 wt%.
The novel filler material, "SOBM Filler 1" may be regarded as organically modified calcite (ORMOCAL) filler, which may be used as alternative filler material for polymers: thermoplastics and thermosets.