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SOBRStudents of Brain Research
SOBRSpetsial'nye Otryady Bystrogo Reagirovaniya (Russian: Special Rapid Response Unit)
SOBRStatement of Business Requirement
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4 gives the variation of product gas composition with SOBR. It is found that with an increase in SOBR, hydrogen concentration increases whereas that of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide decreases.
The highest average of survival percentage (SOBR) and relation of fresh weight (RMF), after a year of intermediate acclimatization in greenhouse, were observed in plants that were treated with fluorescent red light (V), and didn't differ statistically from those treated with white fluorescent light + red fluorescent light and those submitted to white fluorescent light (B) during the intermediate acclimatization period.
The Boston businessman himself shouted that he was from the SOBR police special forces -- the Russian equivalent of SWAT -- and that "anyone who doesn't leave in the next 10 seconds will be shot on the spot.'' The occupants left, but in the confusion, Zaltzman says, one threw a chair through a window.
The 'Al Thoor' tree is used in the construction of animal hamlets and the secretion of the 'Haibik' tree is used in the treatment of veterinarian diseases, while the 'Al Sobr' plant is used to treat severe headache, flue, obstructed nose and arthritis.
'Al Sobr' plant is also used in the treatment of severe headache, flue, obstructed nose and arthritis.
Receiving an anonymous tip giving the address where gang members live, Russian special police squad named SOBR began an operation.
The APS is also used by Russian police tactical teams such as OMON, SOBR, VIP security and hostage rescue teams who appreciate its greater accuracy and high rate of fire.