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SOBRSpetsial'nye Otryady Bystrogo Reagirovaniya (Russian: Special Rapid Response Unit)
SOBRStatement of Business Requirement
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2] in the product gas was increased and decreased by 60% and 50%, respectively, when SOBR was increased up to 1.
The spetznaz units include marines, paratroopers (desantniki), SOBR (rapid reaction forces), and kontraktniki, as well as various para-military units, most notably the OMON forces who report to the Interior Ministry.
In the first week of the siege, Interior Ministry troops--including SOBR (special rapid reaction detachments), OMON (special-purpose militia detachments), and special troops of the Justice Ministry's main penal department--managed to clear only the center and northern outskirts of the village.
SOBR is the first product to the market, which is entirely non-intrusive, non-invasive.
I remember in 2001 when I was visiting my friend who was a head of Moscow SOBR (quick reaction force) at his base in Moscow, I ran into his squad that just returned from Chechnya.
SOBR technology consists of two parts: the blood alcohol detection technology and the ignition interlock device connected through a microprocessor.