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SOBSSchool of Biological Sciences (universities)
SOBSSurvivors of Bereavement by Suicide
SOBSSame Old Boring Stuff (polite form)
SOBSSociety for Office-Based Surgery (now American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers)
SOBSStream and Object Based System (operating system)
SOBSSputum Occult Blood Screening (lung cancer)
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It is impossible to describe the scene, as, with tears and sobs, they gathered round the little creature, and took from her hands what seemed to them a last mark of her love.
Earth was past,--and earthly pain; but so solemn, so mysterious, was the triumphant brightness of that face, that it checked even the sobs of sorrow.
and she hid her face in the pillow and sobbed, while many a smothered sob from those she was addressing, who were kneeling on the floor, aroused her.
I will feel any way, do any way,--only don't distress yourself; don't sob so.
Maggie's sobs began to subside, and she put out her mouth for the cake and bit a piece; and then Tom bit a piece, just for company, and they ate together and rubbed each other's cheeks and brows and noses together, while they ate, with a humiliating resemblance to two friendly ponies.
But she lost energy at last even for her loud-whispered cries and moans: she subsided into helpless sobs, and on the cold floor she sobbed herself to sleep.
SOBS is a self-help organisation that aims to break the isolation experienced by those bereaved by suicide.
TEARS: Sister Kia, left, sobs for Sapper Guy Mellors at his funeral at Coventry Cathedral
Suspecting that SOBS had indeed, attracted the attention of the US equivalent of 'Big Brother' Mr Goodall asked: 'What interest has the USAAF-US Military in the Save Our Building Societies campaign?
Rosemary Mullan, Choose Life Coordinator, said: "Our Renfrewshire SOBS group is there to prevent those bereaved by suicide from feeling isolated and alone with their grief.
Directed to SOBS by a bereavement councillor, Mrs Williams says just talking to someone over the phone helped immensely.
Mr Goodall said Sobs was in need of a financial boost as carpetbaggers, fresh from the successful campaign to turn the Bradford & Bingley into a publicly-quoted bank, turn their attention to the likes of Nationwide, Chelsea and Friends Provident.