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SOCALSouthern California Gas Company
SOCALStandard Oil Company of California
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N12345 (still transmitting on tower frequency): "SoCal, Cirrus N12345, 3400 climbing 4000."
Davies and another American, Lloyd Hamilton, had been part of the SOCAL team that had negotiated the oil concession with King Abdul Aziz in 1933.
EvoNexus, with principal founding corporate sponsors Franklin Templeton (a global investment firm based in Silicon Valley with more than USD 712 billion USD in assets) and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) (Canada's largest bank based on market capitalization and one of the largest financial institutions in North America with USD 1.3 trillion USD assets under management), launched SoCal's first FinTech incubator earlier this month.
SoCal benefits from its relatively large size and revenue diversity from six retirement facilities and senior care operations in southern California with total revenues of $98.6 million.
And the show is also changing perceptions of women in the sport by naming SoCal Val as part of its commentary trio, with Alex Shane and Stu Bennett.
26 April 2018 - California, US-based independent broadcast and digital network KCETLink Media Group and California-based PBS SoCal have agreed to a merger of equals to create a centre for public media innovation and creativity that Southern California region, the company said.
As of Wednesday (4/25), perhaps fueled by the FCC's spectrum auction, KCET will once again be tied to PBS -- thanks to KCETLink's merger with SoCal PBS.
In 2010, current San Diego NDIA Chapter President Terry McKearney began the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge to inspire students to pursue education and careers in cybersecurity.
The complaints resulted in a response from Southern California Gas Company (SoCal).
Thanks to 135 breweries and counting, San Diego is easily the ale capital of SoCal. But many of the breweries produce in such small batches, their beers never make it across county lines.
"Even though the FDA and government agencies don't allow us to talk about or advertise the benefits of cannabis, I feel cannabis saved my mother's life, and I hope to share that story and the work we are doing to help people visiting the Cannabis Cup in SoCal and I am grateful to High Times for giving us the opportunity to reach this many people," the founder stated to the press.
In fact, when Adam "MCA" Yauch died in 2012, SoCal's public radio station KPCC put together a nice list of the places the rap trio frequented, from Capitol Records on Vine where they released Paul's Boutique (still a fresh record), to the L.A.