SOCAPALMSociété Camerounaise de Palmeraies (French: Cameroonian Palmeraies Company; agribusiness)
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In this context, we propose the project " Traditional Pharmacopoeia : Support regeneration and sustainable management of medicinal plants for the conservation of floral biodiversity Bagyeli Aboriginal communities." Its overall objective is to contribute to strengthening the involvement of Bagyeli in the regeneration , conservation and sustainable management of medicinal plants of great value in the peripheral region of Kribi for the improvement and enhancement of traditional medicine , the sites projects are specifically Bidou II and III Bidou villages , communities who live there are Bomlafenda , these villages are located a few kilometers from plantations SOCAPALM - Kienke and plantations HEVECAM
Palm oil is cultivated by small producers who then supply the large processing factories like Socapalm (Fabri/Bollore).