SOCATASouthern California Transit Advocates
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SOCATA addressed this simply and directly by designing the TBM850 to operate in two engine modes, 700 HP and 850 HP.
SOCATA has a six-day initial program at Simcom and insurers generally require once-a-year recurrency.
SOCATA also encourages pilots to take advantage of one of theTBM850's other tricks: It will descend like a box of hammers if the power is pulled to flight idle and the nose is pushed over to VMO, which is 266 knots indicated.
Basically, Daher has acquired in 2009 70 percent of SOCATA from EADS.
SOCATA represents about half of the Daher aeronautical group.
Obviously, the TBM850 is the flagship product, but what else does SOCATA manufacture?
SOCATA is a 50 percent company, 50 percent in the complete product, which is the TBM, and on the other side, 50 percent in subassemblies.
Speaking of Tarbes, the Tampico, Trinidad and Tobago are still supported by SOCATA.