SOCBState-Owned Commercial Bank
SOCBSurvey of Current Business (US DOC)
SOCBSpecial Operations Communications Battalion
SOCBSurplus on the Current Budget
SOCBState Owned Central Bank
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The Employment Opportunity Index (EOI), Scale of Organizational Commitment Bases (SOCB), Career Adaptability Scale (ADAPT) and Coping Strategies Scale (CSS) were compared to the burnout dimensions to investigate possible relationships of multicollinerity The correlation between the dependent variable and possible explanatory variables is one of the assumptions for the application of multiple linear regression analysis.
Among the seven dimensions listed, five belong to SOCB, and scarcity of alternatives was the dimension with greater predictive power (bp= - .18; p <.001; [R.sup.2.sub.p]=.10) followed by variables obligation to remain in the job (bp= -.153; p<.001; [R.sup.2.sub.p]=.07) and lack of rewards and opportunities (bp = .08; p= .001; [R.sup.2.sub.p] = .04).
The Multiple Linear Regression technique was used to answer the variations observed in the burnout dimensions, using the dimensions of each scale used in the study (EOI, SOCB, ADAPT and CSS) as explanatory variables.
The government of China was reconsidered its wisdom of pervasive political influence on lending and credit decisions of SOCBs in early 1990, because the asset quality of SOCBs were badly deteriorated.
The SOCBs had given two rounds of bailouts packages by the government in the form of NPLs buyout by the asset management company and capital injection for their capital restructuring.
The Chinese commercial banking system is composed of various components such as State Owned Commercial Banks (SOCBs), Joint Stock Commercial Banks (JSCBs), City Commercial banks (CCBs) and Rural Commercial Banks (RCBs).
Table 4 provides correlations between the individual SOCB relative P/E ratios in the Hong Kong and Shanghai markets.
The positive signs are consistent with smaller H-share discounts arising when company-specific sentiment rises in Hong Kong, at which times Hong Kong investors reveal a willingness to bid the SOCB's price up above levels consistent with average market P/Es.
The concern is that liquidation could involve the assumption of yet more fiscal obligations by a government already burdened by the costs of SOCB recapitalization (see below).
* separation of policy lending from commercial lending through, e.g., transferring the former from SOCBs to a Development Support Fund designed to provide loan guarantees and interest rate subsidies from the state budget for favored purposes, and separating the operations of the Bank for the Poor (a recently established policy bank) from those of the Agricultural Bank (an SOCB).
State-owned commercial banks (SOCBs) initially provided the necessary capital for state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and operated as policy banking institutions.
In May 2006, the government announced plans for equitizing SOCBs and reducing its ownership in these entities to 51 per cent by 2010.