SOCCCDSouth Orange County Community College District (California)
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According to Jeff Dorsz, telecommunications and network security manager with SOCCCD, "Given the sensitivity and volume of the information assets we maintain, coupled with the sheer number of students and faculty that continually seek access to that information, we recognized the need to put new security provisions in place without the cost and headache of having to install and manage endpoint software or agents.
Equally important, SOCCCD recognized that pre-authentication controls alone were insufficient for securing their network.
To address its need for a cost-effective, identity-based access control solution that proactively enforces pre- and post-connect security policies without impacting network performance or throughput, SOCCCD is deploying Nevis LANenforcers in a phased deployment.
In phase two of its deployment, SOCCCD will implement a data-center protection initiative by installing LANenforcer appliances on additional LAN segments.
The LANenforcers also provide SOCCCD with real-time network visibility for incident reporting purposes to continuously monitor user activity for more robust network security.