SOCCENTSpecial Operations Command Central
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Crytzer and senior military officials stressed the role SOCCENT in ensuring stability and security in the Central Asian region, the embassy added.
With that in mind, we spent the majority of our time evaluating the focus of their school, laying the foundation for an exchange program, and preparing suggested changes for the JORSOCOM schoolhouse commander and SOCCENT.
He said he developed a better appreciation for the achievements of those Army Special Forces, Rangers, Navy SEALS, and other airborne-qualified personnel he works with at SOCCENT.
He suggested using SOCCENT assigned Army SOF teams from the 5th Special Forces Group to attack and destroy the sites.
This part relies primarily on eighteen special and GCMs referred by III Corps, or referred by I Corps or SOCCENT but tried by III Corps panel members and under the supervision of the USF-I MJD.
He does a credible job of highlighting these missions as well as SOCCENT leadership's deliberate decision-making process and efforts to rescue downed crews.
Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, SOCCENT and its subordinate commands organized a flexible system of command and control as well as liaison elements to ensure SOF capabilities supported both Third Army and its subordinate commands.
Iron Bow and TANDBERG worked closely with SOCCENT to evaluate its existing infrastructure and select a solution that exceeds the levels of reliability, flexibility and ease of use that the incumbent system provided.
CAPT Newson: SOCCENT had no role in drone strikes so I did not have any operational insight into them when in Yemen.
SOCCENT also had Navy and Army helicopters assigned to it, and as those forces arrived in theater, it spread them out over many airfields in Saudi Arabia.
SOCCENT exercises operational control of assigned and attached SOF that deploy for the execution of training and for operational missions in the USCENTCOM area of operations as directed by the USCENTCOM commander.
Supply Corps officers from US CENTCOM, US SOCOM and SOCCENT joined in the ceremony.