SOCCSSouthern Ohio Cross Country Series (racing)
SOCCSSummary Of Component Control Status
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A one-way MANCOVA was conducted to determine how the number of multicultural courses related to students' scores on either the MCKAS or SOCCS while controlling for the effects of a concomitant variable.
The post hoc tests differentiated multicultural course quantities from students' scores on the SOCCS and MCKAS.
Before conducting analyses, we computed the coefficient alphas for the total SOCCS (.
To explore whether participants' perceptions regarding their competency to work with LGB clients differed across SOCCS subscales or competency domains (e.
Five variables shown to affect LGB attitudes and SOCCS scores were evaluated as possible covariate variables: (a) sexual orientation, (b) education level (master's-level student, master's-level graduate, doctoral-level student, or doctoral-level graduate), (c) LGB interpersonal contact (total number of LGB acquaintances and friends), (d) LGB training (total number of LGB trainings or workshops attended), and (e) political conservatism (Altemeyer, 2003; Altemeyer & Hunsberger, 1992; Bidell, 2005; Choudhuri, Santiago-Rivera, & Garrett, 2012; Graham, Carney, & Kluck, 2012; Herek, 2009; Hunsberger & Jackson, 2005; Rainey & Trusty, 2007; Satcher & Leggett, 2007; Satcher & Schumacker, 2009).
Similar to the religiosity question, SOCCS scores between very conservative/right-wing and conservative were compared.
The total sample (N = 74) had a total SOCCS mean of 4.
Overall, there was a significant change in SOCCS scores for the intervention but not the control group.
In another study of counselors-in-training, Graham, Carney, and Kluck (2012) used the SOCCS to assess 234 students' self-perceptions of LGB counseling competency.
Day's (2008) study of 240 college counselors (including clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and other professionals) used the SOCCS to assess competence to work with LGB college students.
Higher overall SOCCS and subscale scores indicate increased levels of sexual orientation counselor competency.