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SOCHSouthern Ocean County Hospital
SOCHStudent Organization Center at Hilles (Harvard Universty; Cambridge, MA)
SOCHSaving Our Chinese Heritage (Singapore)
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The maximum range of differences in the North component for station SOCH (from 22.
The effect of the variance of differences for SOCH and WROC stations is also visible in Table 6, where standard deviation is presented.
SOCH operates a 156 licensed-bed acute-care hospital, located in Manahawkin, N.
The three-year agreement will enable Aetna members who participate in all medical products, including Medicare, to access SOCH services and health professionals on an "in-network" basis, which will mean lower costs for those members under most plan designs.
The addition of SOCH is an extremely positive development for Aetna members in Manahawkin and Southern Ocean County, as it will mean easier access to this outstanding 176-inpatient bed facility at in-network rates," said Joseph DiRienzo, Aetna's Vice President of Network for Northern New Jersey.
The Rating Outlook revision to Negative indicates that further rating pressure may be warranted if SOCH cannot improve operating profitability and stabilize its declining inpatient admission volumes over the medium term.
These factors indicate that capital spending over the short term should not be burdensome for SOCH.
Inpatient utilization trends are expected to grow, as SOCH realizes the benefits of on-campus expansion and enhancements completed in 2002 and funded by the series 2001 bonds.
SOCH, one of India s most popular ethnic brands, opened its first exclusive store in February 2005.
To validate the measurements by Sochs method, parallel measurements were made in the level of residual stress diffractometer method (Gherghies, 1990).
Meanwhile, SoCHS (Save our Community Healthcare Services), says on its website it is dedicated to providing the latest information on the "stealth privatisation" of the National Health Service in Kirklees and the "secretive" creation of a social enterprise by the management of Kirklees Community Healthcare Services and Kirklees Primary Care Trust, aided and abetted by NHS Yorkshire and the Humber and the Department of Health.