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SOCISSummer of Code In Space (European Space Agency)
SOCISSchool of Computer and Information Sciences (India)
SOCISScene of Crime Information System (UK)
SOCISSociety of Computing & Information Science
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New members must be close relatives to current or former socis or previous members with a two year history of membership.
There are currently more than 170,000 socis, all of whom have a transparent and open form of communication with the club''s Supporters Service Offices, which guarantees a reply to queries and opinions.
An SOCI will let you know how much charge is left in a battery.
The SOCI for both these batteries has a five-light indicator located on the label face of the battery.
In a recent Socis Gallup poll (The Economist, 1998), 79% responded that they were better off in Soviet times, and in a follow-up question, only 12% responded that they expected to better off in a year.
121 Pisonis patris et omnium malificorum socis et ministris aqua et igne interdici oportere
Inesse aris, et socis, inesse templis, ieiuniis, orationibus, castitati superstitionem, quae nihil ad verum Dei cultum attineant, sed animum potius anxium, ac sollicitum iugiter teneant, quale sit superstitionis." The title of Book III of the Adversus Lutheranos is "Quod Christiana religio non sit superstitio."
Before the BA-5390A/U and BA-5590A/U with SOCIs, you could test battery strength with battery tester, TS-4403A/U.