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SOCKSSocket Secure
SOCKSWindows Sockets (Winsock)
SOCKSSock-Et-S (networking proxy protocol)
SOCKSServing Our Community with Kindness in Springwood (Springwood, Gaston County, NC)
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At that instant the sunlight fell on his left boot; on the sock which poked out from the boot, he fancied there were traces
He looked; in his right hand he held the shreds he had cut from his trousers, the sock, and the rags of the pocket.
At once he rushed to the light to examine the sock and the rags.
Unable to be of any further assistance to him by means of a signal, I left the dark closet and, still in my socks, made my way to the "off-turning" gallery.
Don't forgit about the socks and the shirts, child; and I've put a cup of blackberry jam with yer bundle, because I know yeh like it above all things.
Grandmother chuckled and drove her bright needle across a hole in Otto's sock.
And Jo shook the blue army sock till the needles rattled like castanets, and her ball bounded across the room.
Beth said nothing, but wiped away her tears with the blue army sock and began to knit with all her might, losing no time in doing the duty that lay nearest her, while she resolved in her quiet little soul to be all that Father hoped to find her when the year brought round the happy coming home.
The business sources patterned socks from multiple suppliers, with John giving his approval to designs that include holidays and dog breeds.
The sock offerings change every month and allows users to log into their account and choose which socks they would like The Sock Society to send them.
A family of four loses an average of 60 every year, and 82 per cent of young men say they wear odd socks at least once a week as a result.
The clever and award-winning Sock Ons are worn over a baby's socks, locking them in place.