SOCLSchool of Christian Living
SOCLSave Our Civil Liberties
SOCLSitting on Chair Laughing (internet chat)
SOCLStenotic or Occlusive Lesions (stroke research)
SOCLSecuricor Omega Container Logistics (transport; UK)
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SOCL enjoys the direct patronage and support of the AFL-CIO, and its concerns rapidly expanded well beyond an initial demand for an enquiry into the brutality of the policing of the Miami protest to a much wider and sustained public critique of the proliferation of less-than-lethal weapons in everyday US policing, contrasting rights enshrined in the US constitution with the growing tendency to use protest spaces as testing beds for sometimes fatal weapons.
The preceding analysis might suggest that the violent and intricate security strategies that flood across the police and mainstream media within protest sites can be countered by innovative forms of resistance that congeal into new political constellations, based on unprecedented new identifications, of which SOCL seems to be a paragon.
97) The much-vaunted alliance of labor and grassroots direct-action activists under the aegis of SOCL thus produces quiet and unwitting exclusions in terms of the capacity of poorer communities to identify with it.