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SOCMStatewide Organizing for Community Empowerment (Tennessee)
SOCMSave Our Cumberland Mountains (Lake City, TN)
SOCMSpecial Operations Combat Medic
SOCMSpace Operations Cost Model
SOCMSon of Citation Machine (resource)
SOCMMaster Chief Sonarman (Naval Rating)
SOCMStand-Off Cluster Munition
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SOCM members are enthusiastic about their new expansion into west and middle Tennessee and their efforts toward racial diversity.
SOCM believes that every individual has the inherent power and right to affect the course of their lives and surroundings.
They empower people to understand they can change things, that individuals can make a difference," said former SOCM president Barbara Levi.
Na presente pesquisa, foi estudado o efeito dos agrotoxicos e nicotina sobre o SOCM por meio da supressao das EOAPD.
Ressalta-se que, devido a escassez de estudos relacionando o SOCM com exposicao aos agrotoxicos e a nicotina, os resultados desta pesquisa foram comparados sempre que possivel com estudos semelhantes.
Especificamente sobre a avaliacao do SOCM, os estudiosos observaram uma reducao no nivel de resposta das emissoes otoacusticas (supressao) em 100% dos casos em ambos os grupos, sendo que o grupo de fumantes apresentou valores maiores de supressao quando comparado ao grupo nao fumante [25].
Um estudo que avaliou a condicao do SOCM de sujeitos expostos a solventes organicos por meio do efeito de supressao das EOAT observou que a presenca do efeito supressor das EOAT foi maior no grupo controle (72%) em comparacao ao grupo estudo (58%), mas essa diferenca nao foi estatisticamente significante [26].
Nesta pesquisa, tambem nao foi observado alteracao funcional do SOCM.
A SOCM may be called upon to administer advanced cardiac life support, intubation, chest tube thoracostomy or venous cut downs.
Since becoming a SOCM, I have been given the chance to help others on a regular basis.
Since reporting to the NSWG 4's medical department in April 2008 Cowgar has taken the SOCM program within the special boat team community under his wing.
After a SWCC receives his SOCM certification, Cowgar ensures that each one maintains his credentials by tracking individual re-certification dates.