SOCOGSydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games
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Not only were all items of SOCOG revenue and expenditure carefully accounted for, but so too was the financing of all activities for which governments were responsible.
In Maguire v Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, (60) a subsequent complaint by Bruce Maguire about the accessibility of the Games web site, SOCOG attempted to rely on the defence of unjustifiable hardship, claiming that the cost and difficulty involved in making its web site accessible were too onerous, requiring extensive changes to infrastructure and significant labour costs.
Brendan Lynch, former manager of volunteer recruitment at SOCOG, says, "I believe the biggest challenge for an event workforce or in fact any major volunteer exercise is communication--the publications were important in getting succinct and generic information out to the volunteers.
The official said the offer was first conveyed during last week's visit to East Timor of a International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegation led by IOC Vice President Kevan Gosper, who is also vice president of SOCOG.
SOCOG admitted last week warm April currents in Sydney Harbor mean a slightly higher chance of a shark attack Sunday compared with the cooler, spring climate in September, when the Games will be held.
So when John Howard attacks the anti-Baywatch group, or SOCOG announces that Bondi was chosen by American television networks as a symbol of Australia, they are not engaging in some form of devious hypocrisy.
Phillips lost his seat just three months after he took over the SOCOG job from deposed National Party leader Ian Armstrong and the appointment of former Olympian Marjorie Jackson-Nelson, who replaced Rod McGeoch in early December last year.
SOCOG has aligned with Kmart Australia as retail partner for its consumer products effort in Australia and is considering seeking a similar partner in the U.
Organising commitee SOCOG know that a successful relay is crucial if they are to restore public trust in the tarnished 'Olympic ideal' before the Games open on September 15.
SOCOG has come under fire this week over sporting goods giant Reebok's decision to cancel its 10 million Australian dollars (6.
The papers reported that SOCOG raised 17 million U.
Coles has stood aside from his duties as a SOCOG board member while the IOC investigates whether his ex-wife received expensive jewellery from a businessman associated with Athens' failed bid for the 1996 games.