SOCONYStandard Oil Company of New York
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As early as the 1930s, a fishing lodge named Agloe opened nearby (which later helped Rand McNally successfully claim in a lawsuit that the Agloe on its own map had not been copied from Socony's).
Although Socony was one of the many smaller companies that the Standard Oil Company was split into following the Court's decision in Standard Oil, the Court opted not to apply the standard of reason.
Socony Mobil Oil Company moved to the 1.6 million-square-foot building 71 years after the Standard Oil Company of New York, its predecessor, first occupied 26 Broadway Downtown.
She left Hollywood in 1935 for the "Socony Sketchbook" program on CBS radio.
Truesdell, Principles of Continuous Mechanics, Socony Mobil, Dallas (1960).
There were five leading contenders: a partnership of Socony Mobil Oil, Texas Instruments, General Motors, and Standard Oil of California; another of Global Marine Exploration, Shell Oil, and Aerojet-General; plus the individual companies Brown and Root; Zapata OffShore; and General Electric.
-- Conodonts obtained from the Socony Mobil Pegasus Unit 3 #7-20 core, Midland County, Texas, permit more reliable dating of Ordovician-Devonian West Texas subsurface units.
Witness the grotesqueries of the advertisements of films and other publicity (colossapendous, stupeficient), or the uninhibited coinages of trade names (Quink, Socony, Vegamato).
(Socony), (54) the Court further clarified the per se condemnation of price-fixing agreements by stating that any conduct that affects price should be condemned outright.
Because the Court in Socony -Vacuum considered the assumption of
Although CFP was legally a private corporation, its statutes gave the French government important powers over the company, making it in reality a quasi-state firm.(1) The fourth group--that is, Near East Development--was a mini-consortium in its own right, consisting of five American oil finns: Standard Oil of New Jersey (today Exxon), Standard Oil of New York (Socony, today Mobil), Gulf Oil, Pan-American Petroleum and Transport, and Atlantic Refining (today Arco).(2)