SOCONYStandard Oil Company of New York
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Any serious trout fisherman, like Lindberg, would have eventually found his way to Roscoe (where there also happened to be a Socony gas station).
Although Socony was one of the many smaller companies that the Standard Oil Company was split into following the Court's decision in Standard Oil, the Court opted not to apply the standard of reason.
Conodonts obtained from the Socony Mobil Pegasus Unit 3 #7-20 core, Midland County, Texas, permit more reliable dating of Ordovician-Devonian West Texas subsurface units.
The most complete information on the conodont biostratigraphy and biofacies of the Fusselman and Wristen Formations was obtained from a core from the Socony Mobil Pegasus Unit 3 #7-20 well in Midland County, Texas (Fig.
Garb was educated in petroleum engineering at Texas A&M University (BSc and Professional MSc) and received his early training at Socony Mobil Oil Company in Kansas, Texas, Louisiana and Venezuela.
55) Furthermore, Socony stated market power was not a condition to finding a price-fixing violation.
McCool joined the company as a marketing representative in the New England District in 1963 when it was known as Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc.
After graduation, John served as the Manager of the First National Store and Socony Gas Station in West Brookfield.
After the war, he earned a BA degree from Mass Maritime, and pursued an engineering career with Socony Vacuum Oil Co.
Refined products were first marketed in Nigeria by Socony Vacuum Oil Co.