SOCUSouthern Oil Company Union (Iraq)
SOCUStreator Onized Credit Union (Illinois)
SOCUService One Credit Union
SOCUScottish Order of Christian Unity (UK)
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Detective Inspector Lathey moves to SOCU from Southern Drug Investigation Services and prior to that he spent four years as Inspector in the former Cold Case Unit.
The enforcement team will pick up those breaking the law out on the streets, whereas the other teams within SOCU will stamp down on crearms and trafccking.
We not only bridge the gap between brands and creators, we help brands increase social presence and word of mouth that lead to increased ROI," said Ericka Sanchez, SOCU co-founder.
The SOCU is responsible to set up the central safety net coordination system which includes the targeting system and the unified registry of beneficiaries.
Det Chief Ins Ally Wright, head of Warwickshire SOCU, said: "This is the largest drugs investigation ever undertaken by Warwickshire Police and serves to show we will take all necessary steps to protect our communities from the harm caused by illegal drugs.