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SODARSonic Detection And Ranging
SODARSound Detection and Ranging
SODARSound, Distance and Ranging
SODARSum of Double Bonds and Rings (chemistry)
SODARSimultaneous Opposite Direction Aerial Refueling (US DoD)
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The TLS, radar wind profilers, MWR, sodar, and water vapor DIAL measured vertical profiles at selected positions and heights.
Wind speed data was collected at eighteen different sites in Nova Scotia using a Vaisala Triton[R] Sonic Wind Profiler and SoDAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging), which uses the Doppler effect to reliably and accurately determine wind speed, wind direction, quality, and other operational parameters at heights ranging from 40 m to 200 m.
An acoustic survey carried out with the use of sodar is an example of active teledetection.
Bradley, "Aspects of the correlation between sodar and mast instrument winds," Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, vol.
"Our combined wind monitoring services offer the flexible, rapid deployment options that wind developers need, with a choice of tower heights or full turbine blade wind measurements with the Triton SoDAR. "I am very much looking forward to being involved in the exciting new phase of growth for both companies."
This more rigorous standard would require the downwind developer to affirmatively demonstrate through use of data from technologies such as SODAR, LIDAR, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program (WASP), Large Eddy Stimulation (LES) software, or other technologically advanced wind wake-measuring software systems, that the upwind developer's turbine caused a substantial, adverse impact on the downwind developer's turbine.
There are other devices that measure the wind speed and direction, such as sonic detection and ranging (SODAR) and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) units.
McGourty recommends some of the old ranchland stand-bys such as crested wheatgrass or Siberian and streambank wheatgrass (sodar) to help stabilize the vineyard floor.
"This contrast, which is especially significant in spring, can be explained by plant respiration and photosynthesis processes, and by the turbulence or stratification of the atmosphere," explained PE[umlaut]rez.Data from a RASS sodar (a device that measures vertical temperature and wind profiles and that has a larger range than conventional meteorological towers) allowed the team to classify wind speed too.
(Bourgeois et al., 2008) have analysed such situation by using SODAR and LIDAR measurements methodology.
Used to determine wind speed, wind direction and turbulence in the atmosphere, sonic detection and ranging (SODAR) systems and radio acoustic sounding systems (RASS) apply sound waves as a methods of measurement.
At Myers Hill at present, one particular piece of work is a multi-partner investigation of wind speed and direction measuring technologies known as sonic detection and ranging (Sodar) and light detection and ranging (Lidar).