SODARSSpecial Operations Debrief and Retrieval System (US DoD)
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In the nearly 40 years since this study, remote sensors (sodars and lidars) have become extremely useful for mapping the winds of potential or existing wind farms (Banta et al.
For almost 20 years beyond an initial estimated useful lifespan of 20 years, the BAO was used for a wide array of planetary boundary layer (PBL) studies and for the validation of novel remote sensing systems spanning radar, lidar, acoustic sounder (sodar), and related technologies.
At about the same time a laser ceilometer and a monostatic sodar were acquired and run continuously.
Inadvertently, the NCEP_RAP assimilated a small subset of the WFIP observations (one wind profiling radar and five sodars in the NSA; three sodars in the SSA; none of the tall towers, nacelle anemometers, or surface mesonet).
To ensure sufficient vertical resolution of the full profile of the LLJ, the field measurement campaign included the deployment of several integrated observation sites: that is, the collocation of a surface meteorological station, sodar, and wind profiling radar.
Instrument NSA SSA 915-MHz W-P radar 7 3 449-MHz W-P radar 2 Doppler W-P sodar 5 7 W-P lidar 1 2 (short term) Surface flux station 3 3 Surface meteorological station 8 63 Tall towers 133 51 Nacelle winds 405 -- Table 3.
During the LABLE I campaign, BLISS deployed three additional wind profiling instruments (2 DLs and a sodar); during LABLE II three DLs were deployed.
Sodar. During LABLE I, a Metek PCS.2000 sodar owned by OU was operated with an acoustic frequency of 1895 Hz in a Doppler beam-swinging (DBS; Strauch et al.
The lowest reliable retrieval heights for the Streamline DLs are approximately 100 m, resulting in a data gap between 60 and 100 m that can often be filled in with observations from the sodar or the WINDCUBE v2 DL.
Underwood is one of the leading SoDAR experts in the world and has been involved fulltime in SoDAR research, development and manufacturing for over 30 years.
SoDAR (Sonic Detection And Ranging) is an acoustic instrument for monitoring the atmospheric environment.