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SODASSpheroidal Oral Drug Absorption System
SODASSymbolic Official Data Analysis System
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But he could not linger forever over a glass of ice-cream soda, while he did not dare ask for a second glass.
He was incapable of speech, mumbled his order, looked anxiously at the clock, despatched his ice-cream soda in tremendous haste, and was gone.
Presently Harrison returned with the whiskey and soda.
SONIC Drive-In (Nasdaq:SONC), operator of a drive-in restaurant chain, announced on Friday a new line of sweet cream sodas, offering a throw-back taste of classic flavours the old-fashioned way with a new-fashioned pop.
Drinking soda is entirely optional (there's no medical reason to consume sugar water).
Two studies presented in June 2011 at the American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions suggest diet soda may not help battle pounds or diabetes.
If you didn't taste them, you must have at least heard about the Jones Soda Christmas Pack and Chanukah Pack.
Have you noticed that your school's vending machines aren't stocking soda anymore?
Diet sodas use artificial sweeteners because they add little or no calories to the beverage.
Local high schools began slowly replacing sodas with water, flavored water and sports drinks despite concerns that revenues would decrease and affect funding for student body activities like drill team and the newspaper.
He hopes his results will encourage soft-drink makers to come clean: "Given that sodas are aggressively marketed to kids, manufacturers should openly say why caffeine is added to soft drinks, and clearly label the amount found in each product," he says.
In men who previously had kidney stones, those who refrained from drinking sodas that contained phosphoric acid were less likely to get new stones.