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SODASSpheroidal Oral Drug Absorption System
SODASSymbolic Official Data Analysis System
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But he could not linger forever over a glass of ice-cream soda, while he did not dare ask for a second glass.
He was incapable of speech, mumbled his order, looked anxiously at the clock, despatched his ice-cream soda in tremendous haste, and was gone.
In both countries the salt-lakes occupy shallow depressions in the plains; in both the mud on the borders is black and fetid; beneath the crust of common salt, sulphate of soda or of magnesium occurs, imperfectly crystallized; and in both, the muddy sand is mixed with lentils of gypsum.
Presently Harrison returned with the whiskey and soda. Sir Alfred handed him a note.
Researchers also believed high consumption of diet sodas could lead to chronic inflammation, according to ( Medical News Today.
The growing trend of probiotics in the food and beverage industry coupled with the increasing inclination of millennial toward probiotic beverages, demand for probiotic soda as a functional ingredient have been identified as the key factors that could prove lucrative for the growth in Probiotic Soda Market.
In the last 3 years, taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages ("soda") have been enacted in California (in Berkeley, Oakland, and Albany), in Colorado (in Boulder), in Philadelphia, and in Seattle.
Penang Institute said the effectiveness of a soda tax hinges on whether or not the tax rate is significant enough to make consumers cut down their intake of sugary carbonated drinks.
Long-term consumption of large, sugary, fatty sodas will ultimately contribute to, and directly cause, Type 2 diabetes.
Craft sodas are worlds away from traditional carbonated soft drinks.
Also, McAle's Brewing Co., in November rolled out a line of hard sodas including Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange N' Cream and Cola.
MillerCoors will support Henry's Hard Soda with a national marketing campaign, kicking off at the end of the month with advertising on primetime networks, cable and digital media.