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We retrieved an Ehrlichia PCR-positive horse blood sample (2) from Brazil and performed partial PCR and sequencing of the 16S rDNA, sodb, and groEL genes (1).
In addition, the relative expression of Fur-regulated sodB encoding for Fe-SOD fluctuated increased under colistin (Figure 4(b)), which is in accord with the fluctuation decrease of transcript levels of DHAD (Figure 2(d)), thus illustrating that Fe-SOD is important for protecting cytoplasmic enzyme-DHAD from metabolic oxidative damage when exposed to colistin.
ABR77425.1 63 SodB [up arrow] [up arrow] Energy metabolism 7 Glyceraldehyde-3- ABR76630.1 95 phosphate [down arrow] dehydrogenase 8 Pyruvate kinase ABR77561.1 58 [down arrow] Biosynthesis, biosynthesis of cofactor, protein synthesis 3 Elongation factor Tu ABR79111.1 106 [down arrow] 4 Acetyl-coA carboxylase ABR80246.1 82 [down arrow] 6 Molybdenum cofactor ABR76246.1 69 biosynthesis protein A [down arrow] 10 50S ribosomal ABR79948.1 75 protein L9 [down arrow] Cell envelope 5 Outer membrane protein ABR75926.1 72 [down arrow] [down arrow] DNA metabolism 11 Single stranded DNA ABR79801.1 76 binding protein [down arrow] (a.) [up arrow] [up arrow], strong up regulation by EGCg; [up arrow], weak up regulation by EGCg.
Background:In Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Fur protein positively regulates the expression of sodB encoding Fe-SOD through small RNAs, RyhB or PrrFs.
Identical GroEL and sodB DNA sequences were amplified from 3 of 4 horses.