SODCService Optimized Data Center
SODCSouth Oxfordshire District Council (UK)
SODCSeeds of Diversity Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SODCSporting Owner Drivers Club (car club)
SODCService Optimized Data Center (Sun)
SODCSilenziosi Operai Della Croce (Italian: Silent Workers of the Cross Association)
SODCSouthwest Ohio Developmental Center
SODCStaff and Organizational Development Committee
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The District of Squamish sold the waterfront lands it managed through SODC in 2016 to Newport Beach Developments Limited Partnership, a partnership between local development company Bethel Lands Corporation and Texas-headquartered Matthews Southwest (District of Squamish 2018a).
Of the 87 carriers, ctrA and sodC target genes were detected in 58 (6%) whereas in 29 (3%) only sodC was detected.
Vaccines were constructed using BAB1 0273 and BAB1 0278 ORFs and the sodC gene from B.
Prevalence of the sodC gene in nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae and Haemophilus haemolyticus by microarray-based hybridization.
According to SODC, as of June 2011, there were 150,000 officially registered drug users nationwide, with 83% of the 30-45 year age group using heroin, representing 54% of the total number of drug users.
The sodC amplicons were purified by using the GenElute Gel Extraction Kit (Sigma-Aldrich, USA).
Any group of people interested in having a Seedy Saturday in a particular area do the organizing, and SoDC and other organizations promote the events through websites and listservs.
SoDC does not sell seed; it asks its members to help preserve biodiversity by growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, then making the seeds available to other members for the cost of postage and handling.
According to the latest available figures released by the MoLISA, there were 180,000 officially registered injecting drug users (IDU) nationwide, compared to the SODC reported 150,000 at the end of June 2009.
They include growing only one variety of a vegetable per year, growing early and late maturing varieties, or growing them great distances from each other so the chance of wind or insect cross-pollination is eliminated (SoDC publishes How to Save Your Own Vegetable Seeds, detailing the distances for growing two or more varieties of the same crop).
In addition, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), as NCADP's standing member, has a specialized unit to combat and suppress drug crimes, and the Standing Office for Drug Control (SODC) under the MPS is responsible for assisting the Minister of Public Security, as the Vice Chairman of NCADP, in advising the Government on development and coordination of drug control policies.