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SODDStack Overflow Driven Development
SODDSilencer of Death Domain (cells)
SODDSurvivors of Drunk Drivers (website)
SODDSome Other Dudes Did It
SODDStatic Office Dependent Data
SODDSuppressor of Death Domain (protein)
SODDSenior Officer Development Division
SODDSpecial Operations Detachment Delta (Western New York Airsoft)
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foe Sodd did, but Jerry was second and happened to be in the shop.
BoD of Soda (SODD RU, SODDP RU) recommended paying R55.50 ($1.84 at current rate) per both common and preferred shares as a FY2012 dividend.
Soda Sterlitamak (SODD RU, SODDR RU) will hold EGM on January 17 with reorganization issue on the agenda.
N[ETH]3/4NN[ETH]3/4[ETH][cedilla]NNN [ETH][ETH] [ETH] [ETH] [ETH]3/4[ETH][acute accent]N [ETH] N[ETH][micro]N[ETH]'[ETH][cedilla]N[ETH][degrees][ETH]1/4[ETH][degrees][ETH]* (SODD RU, SODDP RU).