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SODESpecial Olympics Delaware
SODESecond-Order Differential Equation
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sodes derived from the simple melody: operatic ensembles, a revolutionary march, an orchestral double fugue, an awe-inspiring, almost liturgical utterance seeking God beyond the stars, where the chorus is pushed to almost superhuman feats of otherworldliness, a stamina-sapping choral double-fugue, and finally a headlong rush, like an operatic finale, to the most joyous of conclusions.
Aerobic activity should be performed in sodes of at least 10 minutes, preferably spread through the week.
E ella respondiales: 'Por que vosotros aun que estades de presente captiuos, sodes christianos e esperades redencion, mas yo mesquina aun que non tengo fierros, esto entre estos moros perros renegados e non espero redencion alguna sy non de la mano del Sennor'.