SODECSociété de Développement des Entreprises Culturelles (French; Canada)
SODECSoftware Development Expo and Conference (trade show)
SODECSouthern Ohio District Export Council (US DOC)
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It is the first time we are participating at SODEC Japan and we are very much excited to meet Japanese ICT business decision makers.
We had three objectives at SODEC this summer," notes Luke Mendoza, EAZIX's director and head of systems and software development.
As FCMM grows (and it will grow considerably if Telefilm and SODEC choose it as the new recipient of government funding), a key challenge will be for organizers to maintain this spirit of intimacy and community, something that has sadly been almost completely lost at larger events like TIFF.
If Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema receives the Telefilm and SODEC money, allowing his event to actualize its "vision for growth," Langlois and his new executive director, Sheila de La Varende, will present its "final development plan" in March, 2005.
On Friday, October 29, the much-anticipated day of decision, Telefilm and SODEC announced that the proposals were excellent but they needed another month of tweaking before the agencies could reach a decision.
When I was presenting the film to the people at Telefilm and SODEC, they kept asking me why I wanted to do this.
With SODEC standing firm behind the film, Telefilm eventual chipped in and filming began in winter 2000.
In 2005, Canadian public film funding agencies Telefilm Canada and Quebec's SODEC attempted to topple the event by setting up a rival Montreal film festival, which lasted only one unsuccessful edition.
With SODEC in his pocket, it was a breeze for the producer to complete his financing.
Facing a third refusal from Telefilm Canada (while SODEC had already agreed to finance half the film's budget), Falardeau and his supporters took it to the papers, accusing Telefilm of succumbing to federal pressures and exerting censorship.
We've moved to Quebec because the SODEC, which is the OFDC of Quebec, courted us and said "come on back and we'll make films.