SODECOSociedad Para el Desarrollo de las Comarcas Mineras (Asturias, Spain)
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1991 - Exxon and SODECO agreed to jointly pursue Sakhalin offshore tender opportunities.
1993 - Russian Federation Government and Sakhalin Oblast grant rights to negotiate for Sakhalin I exploration and development including the Chayvo, Odoptu, and Arkutun-Dagi fields to Exxon and SODECO.
May 1995 - Rosneft-Sakhalin and Sakhalinmorneftegaz-Shelf joined Exxon and SODECO in a Consortium to develop the Sakhalin I fields through the JOA.
Exxon and SODECO would be joined by two Russian partners in this venture, Rosneft and Sakhalinmorneftegaz.
Exxon and the Japanese company, SODECO, are in the process of negotiating a production-sharing agreement for three fields offshore Sakhalin Island," Koonce said.
These blocks complement the Sakhalin 1 area in which Exxon and SODECO were recently awarded the rights to negotiate a PSA.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Exxon (NYSE: XON) and SODECO have reached a milestone in negotiations with Russia for acreage offshore Sakhalin Island.
A new agreement between SODECO and Russia clears the way for Exxon and SODECO to conduct feasibility evaluations and negotiate a production sharing agreement for an area offshore Sakhalin.
Sodeco Cash Management Systems is a world leader in high security electronic bill handling equipment under the SODECO trademark, with a leading position in ticketing, parking, gasoline vending and currency exchange applications.