SODEPAXSociety, Development and Peace (Geneva)
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After serving from 1961 to 1971 as Latin America secretary of the WCC, he worked as associate general secretary of SODEPAX, the joint committee for society, development and peace of both the WCC and the Roman Catholic Church.
SODEPAX emphasized the need to see the whole social picture.
The WCC tried repeatedly to create a framework for cooperation in other areas of activity--for instance, SODEPAX in the sphere of the church's witness in society.
The experiment of SODEPAX (1968-74) as a programme to organize common peace and development work between the World Council and the Roman Catholic Church was a failure.
Neither the formation of the JWG in 1965, nor Catholic participation in the 1966 world conference on Church and Society, nor the success of SODEPAX, founded in 1967, nor the appointment in 1968 of nine theologians from the RCC to the Faith and Order Commission had fired the imagination of a wider non-Catholic public as did Tucci's call.