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sODFSoluble Osteoclast Differentiation Factor
sODFSystems Operations Data File
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Figure 2(a) shows the preparation process of SODF with Ag@Si[O.sub.2]; Ag@Si[O.sub.2] nanoparticles were spin coated on the glass sheet first and then coated a layer of organic dyes, thus formed the SODF (named Ag@Si[O.sub.2]@OD), showed in Figure 2(b).
In order to investigate the surface condition of SODF, the morphology of RB film and Ag@Si[O.sub.2]@RB film was observed by SEM.
The surface morphology of SODF looks relatively clear in Figure 3, especially the distribution of Ag@Si[O.sub.2] particles, which has a great influence on the optical properties in following tests.
Now that the FDA has provided a clear path for utilizing these PCIDs on or in SODF drug product, how come every manufacturer hasn't automatically deployed them in their most important products?
Further, in the long-term, with machine readability and batch serialization, drug manufacturers would be able to digitize these batches of high-volume, high-value SODF drugs and analyze the data as the product flow around the world through its global supply chain, supporting the growth and development of the Internet of Things.
The biggest challenge of incorporating the solution into the existing manufacturing process has been completed, and the company is poised to enter the market with the TruTag solution, which it hopes will become the de facto standard for identifying SODF drugs in the future.
It was recently shown that the SODF model may produce highly inaccurate results for both transverse vibrations and longitudinal vibrations [13-15].