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SODIsuperoxide dismutase (gene)
SODISouthern Ohio Diversification Initiative (Piketon, OH)
SODISolidarity Service International
SODISDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange) Open Data Interchange (EU)
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The solution must be secure, customizable in both implementation and training, and ultimately, must ease the crucial pain points faced by credit unions," Sodi continued.
We are thrilled to be included once again on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500(TM) list, the pre-eminent technology awards program in North America," said Sodi.
SOLVAY Group is the major shareholder of Solvay Sodi AD located in Bulgaria's Devnya, which is the largest industrial plant in Bulgaria and Europe for production of synthetic soda ash (the biggest European plant of Solvay with a nominal capacity of 1.
In the second chapter, Sodi gives us a history of the Jews in Italy so that we may understand the complex situation of Italian Jews during Fascism, and explains as well the implementation of antisemitic policies and ultimately the deportations carried out by Italian Fascists and Nazis.
Duke Energy, AREVA, USEC and UniStar Nuclear Energy are leaders in the nuclear energy and federal services sectors, while SODI has a proven record of implementing economic development in southern Ohio.
The source revealed: "She will play a doctor called Tara Sodi who is a bit of a prickly character.
Mark Cotter, prosecuting, said: "By dishonestly obtaining funding for SODI he was quite literally putting money into the bank he was stealing from.
Abdul Hakeem Kashkeli, 26, and wife Sodi, 23, of Pakistan, were jailed for five years in 2001 after her father claimed she had been abducted.
It has been estimated that David Cartwright, a senior Labour councillor for Redditch, Worcestershire, took pounds 50,000 from charity Step Out Drop In - or SODI for short.
Demetrio Sodi de la Tijera, said the measure could provide some financial benefits for financially strapped PEMEX, which would form partnerships with the private sector to help increase the supply of electricity in Mexico.
SODI is a subproject of the International Marine Mammal Project, dedicated to reversing the decline of sea otters through grassroots advocacy and legal action.
Retail experts say it's already made some changes and brought in more Latino consumers with its Thalia line, advertised by Mexican pop star Thalia Sodi.