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SODICSix of October Development and Investment Co. (Egypt)
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It is always an honour to have our work recognised," said Magued Sherif, managing director of Sodic.
SODIC delivered an earnings per share (EPS) of EGP 1.
The project is planned to be carried out over one year and is fully funded by Sodic at an estimated cost of $56,516.
When building our Video over IP platform, we looked for best-of-breed leading Video Technology providers that would enable us to deploy a superior entertainment experience to our customers and Minerva was always on top of our list," said Hisham Salah, Chief Information Officer at SODIC.
Flamingo is an all-in-one modular solution that captures TV and radio signals from various sources such as satellite, DTT, cable, fibre and HDMI, to stream video content directly to Sodic West homes.
Large areas of land also became strongly salinised, sodic and eroded during the drought period.
Effectiveness of sulfur with Acidithiobacillus and gypsum in chemical attributes of a Brazilian sodic soil.
SODIC plans to begin construction and offer the first phase of units in the mixed-use development on its 1.
In May, US private equity firm Ripplewood acquired a near 10 per cent stake in Sodic, in anticipation of an economic recovery following three years of upheaval.
Developers like SODIC, heavily dependent on successful navigation of government bureaucracy to be assigned parcels of building land, have had
Summary: One of Egypt's biggest property developers, SODIC, warned that it was running out of land for new development and said it hoped an interim government would approve new tracts.
In Brief: Studies at the USDA that examined the long-term sustainability of degraded water reuse have demonstrated that irrigation wastewater can be used to revive non-productive saline and sodic soils in California's San Joaquin Valley.