SODIMStandard Operational Data Item Manual (Western Range, Range Control and Display Handbook)
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The municipal government soon created two complementary programs meant to revitalize older industrial neighbourhoods: Programme d'intervention dans les quartiers anciens (PIQA) targeted "grey areas" with the goal to "progressively bring the older areas back into the mainstream of urban life and the city economy," (37) and the Societe de developpement industriel de Montreal (SODIM) provided money to redevelop commercial and industrial areas.
(SODIM) (Gaspe, QC), Le Reseau Aquaculture Quebec (RAQ) (Rimouski, QC), Bi-Pro Marketing Ltd.
The concept of bioiosterism further expanded by Thronber [24] and characterized bioisosteres as those molecules or subunits or groups which possess broadly similar biological activities and identified by identical physical or chemical properties e.g diclofenac sodim and diclofenac potassium salts.
This study was part of the R&D program MIM, which was supported by funds from Ministere de l'Agriculture, des Pecheries et de l'Alimentation du Quebec (MAPAQ); Ministere du Developpement Economique, Innovation et Exportation du Quebec (MDEIE); Developpement Economique Canada; Societe de Developpement de l'Industrie Maricole (SODIM); and Centre Local de Developpement des Iles-de-la-Madeleine (CLD-Iles-de-la-Madeleine).