SOEAService Oriented Enterprise Architecture (software design)
SOEAStudent Oklahoma Education Association
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For the psychosocial variables, multiple regression results showed that the effective predictors of SOEA were physical self-efficacy, pros, and resilience, F(3,139) = 29.
Some of these findings are consistent with previous researchers' findings showing differences between SOEA and decisional balance, self-efficacy, and V[O.
The finding that self-efficacy, pros of adopting a regular exercise routine, and resilience were the most effective predictors of SOEA was somewhat similar to previous researchers' reports that have consistently demonstrated self-efficacy and decisional balance as predictors of stage of exercise adoption on the TTM (Prochaska, 2008; Marcus, Selby, Niaura, & Rossi, 1992).
Including those individuals would have given more comprehensive results and would have provided more information on the differences between the SOEA and the psychosocial and physiological measures.
relationship with self component of resilience) important for moving between the five SOEA, researchers would be better able to develop interventions that could help individuals be more ready and successfully adopt and maintain a regular exercise routine at crucial periods of change.
Some of these factors have been examined in previous research and some have not been previously investigated in relation to SOEA (i.
A brief questionnaire like the SOEA might be helpful in gauging the student's stage of change which would suggest different types of interventions (Marcus, Banspach et al.