SOEDShorter Oxford English Dictionary
SOEDScottish Office Education Department
SOEDState of the Environment Directorate (Environment Canada)
SoEDState of Environment and Development (report; International Union for Conservation of Nature)
SOEDSudanese Organization for Education Development (Khartoum, Sudan)
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The SOED defines it as "Excessive belief in the power of scientific knowledge and techniques, or in the applicability of the methods of physical science to other fields, especially human behavior and the social sciences.
Karma, for the SOED, is defined so: "In Buddhism and Hinduism, the sum of a person's actions, especially intentional actions, regarded as determining that person's future states of existence.
The agreement resulted in the creation of a separate curricular document for Catholic schools, Religious Education 5-14 Roman Catholic Schools (1993), produced and funded collaboratively by the SOED and the Catholic Church.
The convener of Review and Development Group 5 (RDG5), the group set up by the SOED and responsible for the creation of the Religious and Moral Education 5-14 Guidelines
At the time of these major changes to the curriculum, the SCCC was a quasi-autonomous agency maintained by the SOED to develop and monitor the curriculum in schools.
The feelings surrounding this compromise are clearly conveyed in a variety of correspondence between the SOED and the CEC surrounding the launch phase of the Catholic document--including communications between the chief HMI and the chairperson of the CEC:
28) Another way of seeing the same thing is to calculate the average age of words, Using the series of words in use identified in the SOED, starting with the year 1150 CE and dating words from the midpoints of the intervals shown in Appendix B, yields an average age of 298 years.
0 million shares of its common stock in exchange for the entire issued share capital of VIS and SOED.
Management anticipates that the closing of the two transactions will occur no later than April 30, 2004; however, the closing of the transactions will be contingent upon the satisfaction of all of the conditions set forth in the VIS and SOED transaction documents.
common stock available to be issued to the VIS and SOED shareholders who accept the offer, (i) 450,000 BAM
common stock to be issued upon the closing of the VIS and SOED acquisitions will amount to approximately $8.
The closing of the acquisition is conditioned on a variety of conditions including approval of shareholders of each of VIS and SOED, VIS re-registering as a private company, approval of the issuance of BAM