SOEPSable Offshore Energy Project
SOEPSocio-Economic Panel Survey (Germany)
SOEPSecondary Operand Execution Pipeline
SOEPSilver Oak Educational Partnership (San Jose, CA)
SOEPSolar-Oriented Experiment Package
SOEPSocial Organization for Environmental Protection
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While information on use of time is available in SOEP, our data set uses retrospective information in which data on use of time is not available.
Deutsches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin, SOEP papers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research, No.
In part, cross-section data are used, in particular in so far as unique questions within the SOEP were concerned (see further education) or if the longitudinal section was based on a low case number.
At the end of 2005 Pengrowth also had a $20 million non-interest bearing note payable to Emera related to the purchase of the SOEP offshore facilities from Emera on December 31, 2003.
SOEP gas production decreased in the first quarter of 2005 as compared to the same period in 2004 due mainly to a well workover at the Venture 1 well.
Natural gas production was up seven percent versus the second quarter of 2005 resulting from additional volumes from SOEP and Judy Creek.
Vehicles equity SOEP Value of financial assets + Equity in other assets (c) - Value of financial debts = A.
The decrease was due mainly to the elimination of SOEP processing fees, offset in part by the impact of production declines at a number of Pengrowth's properties and general cost increases in the industry.
The fluctuation in NGL sales from quarter to quarter is due in part to the timing of condensate sales from SOEP.
The SOEP is a representative panel survey of the resident population of Germany.
in the SOEP offshore production platforms and associated sub-sea
Pengrowth currently anticipates one additional condensate shipment from SOEP in 2004, which would increase fourth quarter NGL production by an estimated 64,000 barrels.