SOEPSable Offshore Energy Project
SOEPSocio-Economic Panel Survey (Germany)
SOEPSecondary Operand Execution Pipeline
SOEPSilver Oak Educational Partnership (San Jose, CA)
SOEPSolar-Oriented Experiment Package
SOEPSocial Organization for Environmental Protection
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We modified both data-sets to combine the answers to BIOAGE17 with the SOEP main study.
While information on use of time is available in SOEP, our data set uses retrospective information in which data on use of time is not available.
Deutsches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung, Berlin, SOEP papers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research, No.
In part, cross-section data are used, in particular in so far as unique questions within the SOEP were concerned (see further education) or if the longitudinal section was based on a low case number.
The structure of the SOEP is similar to that of the American Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID).
Apart from standard questions appearing in every wave of the SOEP, this allows us to use detailed information on working conditions included in the 1985 cross-section.
The permit even has this impressive sounding name: "special ore extraction permit," or SOEP, which the DENR issued during the cute administration of Gloriaetta, under DENR boss Lito Atienza, the former mayor of Manila.
The SOEP contains information on soldiers and family members for a large sample of military personnel with at least four months of service in 1991.
The SOEP is designed to supply about 530 million cubic feet per day to the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline which will deliver about 400 million cubic feet per day to New England markets.
The Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline ties into the SOEP.