SOERState of the Environment Report
SOERSell on Every Rise (investing)
SOERSignificant Operating Experience Report (nuclear power)
SOERScottish Office Emergency Room
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SOER 2015 (European environment state and outlook) is the EEA~s flagship report published every 5 years and is aimed at providing support to environmental policy making in the EU; it is an exploratory assessment of global megatrends relevant for the European environment which focuses on the impact of major global trends on Europe.
The EEA aims to award a service contract in order to have a part of the SOER 2015, namely the Synthesis, translated from English into several European languages within 20 or fewer working days.
Quirynen M, Zhao H, Soers C, Dekeyser C, Pauwels M, Coucke W, van Steenberghe D.
De nombreuses communatutes femainines, vouees surtout l'enseignement mais aussi au soin des malades et des pauvres, naissent Ia meme epoque, Certaines, dans la foulee revolutionnaire Filles du Coeur de Marie (1791), Soers de La Presentation de Marie (1796), Sceurs de la charite de Saint-Louis (1803); d'autres, dans les annees suivantes Sceurs du Sacre Coeur (Saint-Jacut), Sceurs des Sacres-Cceurs (Morniaison), Religieuses de Jesus-Marie, Filles de la charite du Sacre-Coeur, Filles de Jesus et, plus tard, entre autres, Soeurs des Saints (1853), Servantes du Saint-Cc.