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SOFSpecial Operations Forces
SOFSoldier Of Fortune
SOFSpeaking of Faith (religious podcast)
SOFSoldier of Fortune (computer game)
SOFStart Of Frame (ATM)
SOFScions of Fate (computer game)
SOFSouth of France
SOFSempreviva Organização Feminista (Portuguese: Evergreen Feminist Organization; Brazil)
SOFSoluble Organic Fraction
SOFShow of Force
SOFStatute of Frauds
SOFSemaine Olympique Française (French: French Olympic Week)
SOFStatement of Facts (shipping)
SOFStrength Of Function
SOFSafety Of Flight
SOFSociety of Fellows
SOFSource Of Funds
SOFState of Fear (Michael Crichton book)
SOFSupervisor Of Flying
SOFSpecial Operating Forces (less common)
SOFSignature on File
SOFSkin On Frame (Kayak)
SOFSound On Film (archaic; originally a scriptwriting term)
SOFSuperior Orbital Fissure (crack in the bone above the eye)
SOFService Order Form
SOFSave Our Future
SOFSmoke or Fire (band)
SOFSchool of Fisheries
SOFSongs of Freedom (Bob Marley and the Wailers box set)
SOFSpecialty Optical Fiber
SOFSouls on Fire (Elie Wiesel book; band; graffiti crew)
SOFStrategic Offensive Forces
SOFSmile on Face
SOFSlip-on Flange
SOFSales Order Form
SOFSyndicat des Orthoptistes de France (French: Orthoptists Union of France)
SOFStudy of Osteoporosis Fractures
SOFShare of Freehold
SOFStudent Orchestra Festival (Linköping, Sweden)
SOFSave our Families
SOFStatement of Functionality
SOFSofia, Bulgaria - Sofia International (Airport Code)
SOFSubtlety or Force
SOFSave Our Forests
SOFSpecial Olympics Florida, Inc.
SOFSilkeborg Oplysnings Forbund
SOFSwitching Office Functionality
SOFSon of Flicka (movie)
SOFSelf Organization Factor (computing)
SOFSWC Orders File
SOFSenior Orifice Fitting (gas measurement)
SOFSource Object File
SOFSurvival of the Fittest (gaming clan)
SOFSummary of Findings (various organizations)
SOFShip of Fools
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As we toured the SOFWERX facility, we met college STEM students working as interns and industry fellows who get the chance to apply their STEM skills in the rapid-paced SOF acquisition environment.
Considering the pH dependent solubility of SOF, the gastrointestinal pH will influence on release of drug substance and due to low apparent intestinal permeability the bio-availability of the product will be affected.
It is precisely this evolution of the force to which the international SOF community has become increasingly adaptable over recent decades, but in a high tempo contemporary operating environment (COE), the need to continue evolving has never been stronger.
Though the research was focused toward SOF support, the suggestions for improvement should prove beneficial to any end user of the RPA's ISR data streams.
Some other trials such as QUARTZ-I (9) and CSWIFT-retreatment (10) have also addressed the retreatment of patients failing the 3D regimen or GZR/EBV with the addition of SOF and RBV, with excellent results.
Each type of SOF is organized to reflect the necessarily distinct approaches to uncertainty that these two very different missions entail, and these characteristics have proven critical in today's population-centric conflicts.
Making the Transition from Conventional Forces to SOF
Strengthening partnership capacity to provide greater ISR, precision strike, and IO capabilities in support of SOF operations
On the other hand, since the presence of in-service Russian military personnel on Ukrainian soil has been demonstrated beyond doubt, there is little reason to assume Russian SOF are not there.
Headquartered at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) provides SOF career opportunities in more than 25 global locations.
Die SOF wird deshalb in Zukunft noch starker mit den Forderaktivitaten anderer Referate und Abteilungen im BMBF verzahnt.
Throughout their existence, the Special Operations Forces developed a list of so called "SOF Truths": (1) humans are more important than hardware, (2) quality is better than quantity, (3) SOF cannot be mass produced, (4) competent SOF cannot be created after emergencies occur, and (5) most Special Operations require non-SOF support.